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The Six Worst Ways To Build A Network Marketing Team

If you are serious about building a network marketing organization, you have to find methods that WORK. Too many organizations are built by the "blind leading the blind". Often, the "Big Dog" at the top is teaching methods that they didn't even use! In my quest for duplication, let me tell you, from sad and expensive experience, the six popular building methods that just don't work anymore: 1. Making a list of your friends and family.

What other business uses this method? None. Can you even imagine opening up a furniture store and then inviting your friends and family as your only clientele? That would be absurd, and it's absurd in Network Marketing for the same reasons. Network Marketing is a high numbers game, and you will run out of "Friends and family" real quick if this is the method you rely on. 2.

Passing out Magazines and DVD's. This is one of those strategies that is EXCELLENT for the corporation, but not as good for the distributor. Why? Because the distributor actually pays for the magazines, and gets them into the market place, then, long after the distributor is gone the magazines are still selling the company story! Meanwhile, getting one out of 100 may be lousy for the distributor, but if the company has 10,000 agents get just one distributor each, they're happy. Unfortunately, there are "exceptions to the rule" that get some signups, and the company flaunts them on stage.

So the average distributor keeps doing it even though their own results are terrible. 3. 3-way calling.

There are a few reasons why this one is a bad idea. First of all, very few people are capable of doing a good 3-way call, so it doesn't duplicate well. Secondly, it makes marketers dependent on their sponsor. And third, much of the time nobody is available to do the call, so you are left hanging and looking like an idiot because your prospect has to wait while you track leaders down.

4. Weekly meetings. Let's face it, they called it a "home based business" when you started, but you quickly discover it's a "car based business!" Most weekly meetings start with a bang, but end up over time with a bunch of professional meeting attenders. Guests just aren't motivated to go to what they already guess will be a staged "Ra-Ra" meeting. 5.

Private business receptions (Home meetings). This one is bad for some of the same reasons that weekly meetings are, but this one has the added negative of putting the distributor in "sales mode", and having them close their friends and family on the business. It doesn't duplicate well, and even when done properly it's too easy to have a lousy turn out, with few if any guests. It's also very difficult to duplicate as a system. 6.

The "3-foot rule". Have you heard of this one? If you are within three feet of somebody you need to talk to them about your business? Again, it sounds good when the big dog says it from stage, but most people just aren't going to do it. Back to analogy number one, if you had any OTHER type of business, would you use this as a way of getting customers or sales people? Maybe as an exception, but never as a rule. The bottom line is this: real businesses use real marketing and advertising techniques, and so should you. Unlike traditional businesses, in Network Marketing you don't start at the bottom and work up, you start at the top and work down. From day one, you are President, CEO, and Chief Bottle Washer of your own Network Marketing organization.

So instead of making a list of friends and family, start advertising your business and attracting qualified, interested prospects. Instead of passing out DVD's, put your presentation online. That way it gets unlimited views, is available everywhere 24/7, and will save you a ton of money. Rather than relying on 3-way calls, become the expert yourself.

Don't make your business success dependent on anybody else. Introduce people to your sponsor AFTER they join! Instead of weekly meetings and PBR's, become a master of online prospecting and develop a web-based system that easily duplicates for all of your team. And lastly, substitute the old three foot rule for the new three foot rule: if you are online, you are three feet from over a BILLION people. Once you master these methods, your business will be easeir, more fun, and will duplicate faster and better than any team that's dependent on the old methods! Copyright (c) 2007 Dave Sherwin.

Dave Sherwin is a Network Marketer who won the "Rookie of the Year"award in a large international company in 2006. He is the co-author of "Lighthouse Marketing", The Art And Science Of Attracting People Into your Network Marketing Organization. Learn the Lighthouse Marketing methods at: http://www.trker.com/go/15596/5worst

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