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Is there money to be made on the Internet Using video Marketing

Can the average Internet Marketer generate money using videos or has the train left the station? I believe the statistics speak for themselves. In 2006: * 52% of all web traffic is now video (according toeMarketer an industry watchdog) * The NY Times suggests more than 70% of all web visitors are watch online video * The average time spent watching YouTube has risen to 27 minutes per day. * Search engines love video sites so your listings appear in just minutes instead of days or weeks they have taken in the past in places like Google, Yahoo and MSN. * Because video is so popular, video links and clips often show up before other content The question still remains, is the average Internet marketer still able to make money on the internet using video. Videos popularity has only grown, with the most popular video on YouTube receiving over 50 million views. The timing could not be better.

With an abundance of programs on how to make and market videos flooding the market, the initial development has been done for you. The key is now to find the proper program and utilize proper marketing techniques to acquire your share of the billion dollar market. With sites like Traffic Geyser and The Internet Infomercial Toolkit to help create and distribute your videos, even a beginner can quickly and easily become successful in the Video Success Market. A niche industry of pre-made video programs is also now appearing.

These programs offer a selection of videos designed to promote various affiliate programs and brand the videos with your affiliate link. basically a one stop shop for those with no list, website or idea on how to get started. For a complete listing of the various programs you can receive a free Video Resource Guide at Your Video Success.

Unlock the increasing market of Internet Video Wealth. Grab your Free Video Resource Guide. Includes several choices for Making Money On The Internet

Pharmacy Affiliate Programs

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