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Get Your Website Visitors Stuck on You

Many people think that all you have to do to run a business online is to shoot up a website packed with affiliate links and you're ready to rumble.Truth is, it takes visitors to generate sales, and when visitors arrive at your site, they are often there for a quick browse that requires you to get their immediate attention if you want them to stick around. Grabbing their attention is not as easy as you may think, but it can be done if you follow a few of these guidelines: The first thing to consider when capturing unique visitors to your site is that you need their name and email address. It takes maybe six or seven viewings of an offer before most people will bite, so if you expect a new visitor to stick with you after their first visit, then think again. If you want them to come back to your site, you have to offer them a compelling reason to come back often, and the best way to do that is by having a lead capture form. If they sign up, make sure they understand that they are not signing up for nothing - that they will be getting a free newsletter and whatever other special offer you may have.

You should also make it clear that you will be in touch with them about other offers and promotions. If they sign up and then you leave them alone, or leave it up to your auto-responder to reply, chances are you'll have an "unsubscribe" in no time. Visitors love freebies, especially if it is something of value.

Not only will your visitors get a free newsletter packed with the latest information, tips, and specials, but it's also a good idea to offer a free ebook related to the content of your site. The newsletter is much more valuable if it is not only an auto-responder series, but also has a touch of your personality entwined in the messages. They are also more effective when they're not just sales pitches, but offer helpful information that your customers will appreciate. The ebook can be one that you have resell rights to and can brand with your own name and links, or one that you write yourself. If you think you can't write a book, a good tip is to categorize the articles you write into folders by topic, and then amalgamate the articles into an ebook of your own creation.

There are many sources on the net that can help you get started with writing an ebook, and many article directories that you submit your articles to will even offer services and support to get you started. Other freebies you can offer include free downloadable trial versions of software if your site deals with software in any way, a special report that describes a good way of making or saving money that you have some expertise about, a 5-day e-course, a secret mystery bonus, a free club membership, a free monthly draw prize, or make deals with other internet marketers who visit your site to exchange links. Remember that your visitors will be stuck on you the more honest you are, the more valuable information you provide on a regular basis, and the more freebies you provide! A good trick is to offer an exit popup on your site that offers a lot of your freebies all at once if your visitors leave their name and email address. Leaving them an offer they can't refuse is a sure way to get more signups!.

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Pharmacy Affiliate Programs

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