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Been Scammed By Chris McElroys Article Content Provider

If you have been scammed by Article Content Provider's Chris McElroy then you are not the only one. Over 85 complaints have been made about the Miami cowboy in the last 18 months, and they are unlikely to stop any time soon. If you have been scammed by Chris McElroy aka Namecritic, then the chances are that you either: 1. Write articles, blog posts, press releases or web content for Chris. 2.

Work for a service that Chris offers, such as Blog Content Provider, Article Content Provider or other online service. 3. Have donated to the Kid Search Network and later found out that your donation was used for fraudulent means. 4. Bought services through one of the Namecritic companies.

5. Had your website suffer a penalty in the search engines as a result of Chris McElroy's SEO tactics. The web entrepreneur and serial scammer may try to temp you to use his services through giving great references of the work that he has completed. On many occasions the references come from his friends. If you have worked with Chris directly through any of the means described above you may well have remedies upon to you through the legal system. There are going to be as many as 10 cases against Namecritic this year.

However, a common reason people want to complain about Chris is because he referred them to another serial scammer called Chuck Crawford to complete web design or internet marketing work. If you fall into this category, it is likely you will have to pursue Chuck directly. That is unless you have reason to believe Chris was also part of the contract; the payment went through him, or you were under the impression you were paying Chuck and Chris to complete the work. If you have yet to work with Chris McElroy and are considering it, there are many helpful sources that you should refer to online. These include sites that were written by people who have actually been scammed by him.

A simple search for Namecritic (the name of his web nickname) will quickly demonstrate all of the scamming he has been up to. If you do feel that you would like to work with Namecritic online then it's strongly recommend that you use an escrow service. Customers should know that there are better services online for marketing services and they really have no excuse for working with him after they read this article. Writers and employees however are another story. They may be tempted by the work that Chris offers. In this case, using an escrow service such as the one provider by rentacoder.

com or getafreelancer.com is the best way to ensure that you get paid. However, if you have very strong ethics then you should not work with him.

He has admitted to paying writers directly from charity donations that people have gave him. You can read about this here: http://namecriticscam.wordpress.com/2007/08/20/shocking-truth-about-namecritics-charity-scam-through-the-kid-search-network/ and http://namecriticscam.


About the Author:
Namecritic is a scammer who is based in Miami Florida. He completes his scams through companies such as Article Content Provider and his real name is Chris McElroy.

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